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Boiler Servicing

Annual boiler service , what does it involve ? its a new boiler ? its a combi boiler ? when should i do it ?

With so many questions to answer about boiler servicing , lets keep it simple . Yes it is advisable to get it done on a annual basis . We at Wakefield Boiler Services have a great knowledge and experience of all domestic boiler , from a simple heat only boiler to a combi boiler . 

What does it involve ? A basic service is checking the safe operation of the appliance  , making sure it and the flue is installed correctly . That it also is burning a safe and the right amount of gas but not producing / leaking any harmful carbon monoxide . A in depth boiler service is all of the above plus a strip down of the gas burning heat engine , which once stripped requires airways cleaning and rinsing through with water . We would advise a basic service to be carried out for 3/4 services then a in depth one the following year .  

Its a new boiler ? Whether its 1 or 20 year old , a boiler needs a service to keep it either in warranty or a safe working condition .

Its a Combi boiler tho ? This type of boiler is used all year round , every day for hot water and during the colder time for the heating . A sealed / system boiler can also be used all year round to warm up the hot water tank , some customers use the immersion during the summer months to try lower gas usage . 

When should it be done ? During winter or during summer ? Before the big switch on or get it done when the boiler needs a repair ?

There isnt a perfect time to get the boiler serviced in simple terms . Our preference is the summer months , May through till September . 

So in simple terms , a boiler service is highly recommended  to be carried out every year . Why not put your mind at rest and join our Loyalty Service Scheme , annual boiler service included with discounts on all services provided with priority attention .

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